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What I’m Obsessed With: chins and cinnamon rolls

March 23, 2011

I’d like to first use this blog post to announce that: SPRING IS HERE!

And while I am currently drugged up with anti-histamines to avoid clawing the itch out of my allergy-consumed face, I’d still rather suffer from high pollen count than snow.  I am literally glowing, GLOWING in this 70 degree weather.  Yesterday I pulled my flip flops out of closet hibernation, threw on a skirt, and went outside to OD on some Vitamin D.  There really is nothing better than feeling the warmth of the sun on your toes.

In celebration of the season that brings tulips, Cadbury eggs, and the lowering of my gas bill, here are a few things putting a smile on my face:

1.) Momma’s Cookin’

While Austin and I love to travel at every chance we get, there’s something immensely comforting about coming home during spring break, sleeping in your high school room, and having your mom ask you, “Are you hungry?  Can I make you something?  What do you want for dinner?”  So while our friends are skiing in Colorado, getting drunk in South Padre, or scuba diving in Belize, we wouldn’t trade his mom’s homemade carrot cake cookies for any of that.

2.) Today’s Big Thing

Without this website, I would have never watched:

or this…

3.) Aaron Eckhart’s Butt-Chin

While watching Battlefield: Los Angeles…

Me: Isn’t Aaron Eckhart hot?

Austin: Ew, he has a butt chin.

And now I can’t stop staring at it.

I put the last one in for good measure.

4. “E.T”: Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

Listen to it.  Amazing.

5. Cinnamon Rolls in all shapes and forms

Cinnamon rolls, twists, breads, buns, pancakes?!  All finger-licking delicious and now I can’t sleep.  Not a good idea to Google “cinnamon roll types” before bed.

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