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The art of doing nothing…but napping

March 25, 2011

Yesterday was the epitome of a lazy day.

Woke up late, ate brunch, watched TV, ate lunch, napped on the couch, napped in bed, played board games, ate dinner, watched March Madness.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve had the time to take a late afternoon nap.  Ever since graduating, I’ve spent my days trying to be productive, trying to move ahead in life, trying to accomplish something.  But now that I only have t-minus 2 days until I start my new job, I just want to hold onto every minute of this unemployed bliss.

Oh life and it’s ironies: I work so hard trying to find a full time job, impatient to start, bored with my free time…and then the minute I get a job, I just want to hold on to every free minute I have.

Does that ever happen to you?  Have you ever wanted something so badly, but then the minute you get it, you want what you had before?

Two years ago, I read the book Eat, Pray, Love (side note: book much better than movie) and fell in love with the Italian phrase: l’arte di non fare niente. The art of doing nothing.

Well first off, I love how Italian just rolls off the tongue and tastes like a decadent bite of tiramisu.  l’arte di non fare niente. l’arte di non fare niente…delicious, no?

But equally important is this idea that there can be an art to doing absolutely nothing.  Just as how painting, writing, singing, dancing are all forms of art, doing nothing is an art as well, one that deserves practice, focus, and enjoyment.  At times it is important to set aside expectations and responsibilities and simply be.

Of course this whole “being” thing isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Throughout my day that little annoying voice kept whispering, “Haven’t you watched enough March Madness?  Why aren’t you getting work done?  Shouldn’t you go for a run?” Annoying right?  The first few whispers made me feel guilty and I started to consider what I needed to get done.

But then I would focus on that phrase, l’arte di non fare niente, and remind myself that doing nothing doesn’t make me lazy.  Doing nothing is doing something.  It is the 100% no-guilt savoring of successive afternoon naps.

Yesterday I wasn’t a recent grad about to start her first job.  I wasn’t a 20-something with bills to pay, friends to call, emails to send, car to fix, workout to finish.

I was just a girl, playing Parcheesi, daydreaming about tiramisu.

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  1. March 26, 2011 1:26 am

    I wish I could figure that out too! I have no problem doing nothing – I do nothing quite frequently – but I do always end up feeling guilty about it. 🙂

    (And yes, the book was much better than the movie.)

  2. Austin permalink
    March 27, 2011 3:30 am

    Parcheesi…hmm….I’ve heard that’s a really tough game to win : )

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