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Tour, Tapas, and Too Much Beer

May 2, 2011 to explain my week-long hiatus from blogging…

The Nutshell Version

A little of this…

FOOD: Veggie Pizza and Lettuce/Spinach Salad with grapes, cranberries, cucumbers, pears, and tomatoes

A little of that…

FRIENDS: Cheering on my friend Lauren at her Senior Day Race for Rowing. Congrats!

And oh yeah…a lot of this…

DRINKS: Just a preview of Saturday's Pub Crawl

The Walnut-shell Version

Two Saturdays ago (has it been that long?), my friend Sweta, Austin, my sister, and I piled into my car to cheer on my friend Lauren at her Senior Day Race for Rowing.  We’re all so proud of her for finishing up four years of early morning workouts, spending weekends on buses to faraway races, and a lot of KU gear.  Sweta and I made the awesome poster (in the above photo), but didn’t realize that she probably wouldn’t be able to see it from the middle of the lake….oops!

Lauren and all her fans!

Afterward we headed to her house for some delicious brats, chips, and marshmallow brownies.  Her party officially kicked off graduation season.  Three weeks and counting!

This past Friday, I left work early to take Austin on his super secret date: A Tour of Boulevard Brewery and dinner at La Bodega!

The tour was a nice glimpse into the hidden world of brewing beer.  We learned all about hops and yeast and how the employees enjoy a free beer everyday…and now I’m determined to work in a brewery.

Don't I look the brewer's part?

After the tour, we were each given four tokens to trade in for little sample glasses of beer.  They even had a name-less test beer for us to try!  Austin tried stealing my tokens but luckily I caught him sneaking them into his pocket.  Sneaky!

Aren't they pretty?

Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of Spanish Tapas at La Bodega, an amazing restaurant right in the heart of Kansas City.  It was Happy Hour so we enjoyed six different plates of tapas, four glasses of sangria, and two glasses of Spanish Coffee (Bacardi 151, coffee, Kahlua, whipped cream, with a rim of caramelized sugar/cinnamon).  I wish I had pictures of everything we ate but it was all so delicious, our picture-taking moved too slowly compared to food-eating.

It was the perfect way to ease us into:  Lawrence Pub Crawl!

Crawlin' for Charity

5 bars + 4 hours + 24 friends + too many beers = a lot of fun!

We had two teams of 12 girls and 12 guys, properly named: “Drink ’til He’s Cute” and “Brew’s Your Daddy?”  Each person’s $25 contribution for the crawl was donated to the Red Cross and the Humane Society.  What a great excuse to spend a beautiful afternoon with friends!

And yes, I have omitted out several hilarious, yet incredibly embarrassing details about the crawl.  While I want to be honest and open on this blog, these particular funny moments are for my 23 teammates to enjoy.  Let’s just say I definitely sprinted that crawl instead of crawled it like I probably should’ve.


1. I promise, I am not an alcoholic.
2. I am not drinking until graduation.

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