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one day at a time…

As some of you may know, Austin will be going to TBS (The Basic School) in Quantico, Virginia to finish his training to be a Marine Corps Officer.  While we’ll still be dating long-distance, our time here in Lawrence is slowly drawing to a close.  Therefore, we compiled a list of incredibly important things to do before we have to settle for Skyping and care packages:

  1. Eat at Tellers for a nice dinner date…and brunch buffet
  2. Late night walk around campus
  3. Power and Light
  4. Sylas and Maddy’s
  5. Crazy concert where we dance for four hours straight
  6. Road trip to anywhere
  7. Summertime naps on the couch
  8. Use our beer mugs at Biggs BBQ (3/18/2011)
  9. Zen Zero and Mekong cocktails
  10. Po’ Boys
  11. Dance like idiots at a club (3/23/2011)
  12. Late night Muncher’s run
  13. KU March Madness (3/18-3/27/2011)
  14. Brew to Brew Charity Run (4/3/2011)
  15. Make burritos, smoothies, Firecracker Salmon, and other awesome Austin foods
  16. Dark and Stormy drinks at Esquina (3/5/2011)
  17. April 29th surprise date
  18. Orangeleaf (3/20/2011)
  19. Read a book together
  20. Finally watch: Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, American Pie, The Terminator, Sound of Music, etc.
  21. Racquetball
  22. Take a cooking class
  23. Wine tasting at Genovese
  24. Bowling and Beer
  25. 23rd Street Brewery Fish Bowls
  26. Try to sneak into Mrs. E’s Dining Center
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